About the Global Digital Health Partnership

Our vision

The vision of the GDHP is to support governments and health system reformers to improve the health and well-being of their citizens through the best use of evidence-based digital technologies.

About us

Countries around the world are making significant efforts in programs to modernise health service delivery. They face common policy and delivery opportunities – and challenges – in realising the full benefits of digital health services and the safe, high quality information sharing they enable.

The Global Digital Health Partnership (GDHP) is a collaboration of governments and territories, government agencies and the World Health Organization, formed to support the effective implementation of digital health services. Established in February 2018, the GDHP provides an opportunity for transformational engagement between its participants, who are striving to learn and share best practice and policy that can support their digital health systems. In addition, the GDHP provides an international platform for global collaboration and sharing of evidence to guide the delivery of better digital health services within participant countries.

The Australian Digital Health Agency provided the secretariat services for the first eighteen months of the GDHP. Australia was the host country for the inaugural summit on February 19 and 20, 2018.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, hosted the fourth GDHP Summit in New Delhi and is the current chair and secretariat of GDHP.

Our principles

The GDHP is committed to improving health and care through promoting its principles of equality, co-operation, transparency and responsibility.

Equality: All participants will have an equal opportunity to participate and contribute to the development of the GDHP deliverables and share in the lessons learnt and outputs of the GDHP.

Co-operation: Participants are helpful and supportive and participate in debates thoughtfully, constructively and respectfully.

Transparency: Participants act with openness in their engagement with fellow participants to contribute to improved health services, promote innovation and create safer and healthier communities.

Responsibility: Participants are responsible for their country’s input through their active contribution to GDHP activities that are guided by the annual work plan. Each participant shall endeavour to ensure that outcomes from meetings, such as tasks appointed to them or in general, are carried out effectively and efficiently. Participants will make decisions and participate in discussions in a transparent and fair manner, using evidence, and without discrimination or bias, ensuring they act in the public interest and not for commercial purposes.

Why is the GDHP important for populations globally?

As countries around the world face the challenges of designing systems and delivering services that result in good health and well-being for their citizens, digital technologies can provide potential solutions. They can improve the safety, quality and effectiveness of healthcare, support earlier diagnosis of disease and the development of new medicines and treatments. They can empower patients, citizens and the care professionals who serve them.

Governments are making significant investments to harness the power of technology and foster innovation and public-private partnerships that support high quality, sustainable health and care for all. The GDHP facilitates global collaboration and co-operation in the implementation of digital health services. There is currently no similar international forum to share best practice and enable co-working in digital health.