Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider before purchasing and using substances from a web-based pharmacy?

Mixing pills with alcohol or other drugs. Dangerous interactions occur and result in injury or bleak side effects. Always research the aftereffects of each drug and weigh the risks before ingesting them.

To be completely safe, consult with a clinician before deciding. A licensed practitioner is up to date on the latest reactions to differing prescriptions, and their professionalism keeps you safe.

Be sure to store all of your prescriptions in a clean, temperate, dry space. No moisture or excessive heat or cold should be able to reach the bottle. Extreme circumstances render your capsules useless, and you will have to order a replacement.

Does your pharmacy carry cost-effective generics and other wallet-friendly options for smaller budgets?

Alongside your safety, our pharmacy prioritizes affordable pricing with every dosage. Buying off-brand saves your wallet. Brand names usually cost more, but it is easier to find cheaper, generic versions of certain scripts. For a lesser payment, you get the same main ingredient.

On top of offering generics, there are discounts for a wide range of our inventory. We strive to help all of our clientele find the best prices with the safest products.

What makes ED pills effective, and will they treat my symptoms?

PDE5 inhibitors (a.k.a. Medications for erectile dysfunction) help lifeblood circulate throughout the body. When matched with arousing stimulation, men find it easier to get hard. They experience more firmness and the ability to hold their erections throughout intercourse. Certain meds also decrease a man’s refractory period, and they stay hard after sex.

Limited studies lead scientists to believe that Sildenafil helps users last longer too. There is some evidence that suggests that it could work for premature ejaculation. Keep in mind that the observations are inconclusive and still need proper testing.

As a side note, ED pills will not cure a low libido or general disinterest in sex.

Does employ experts or US-based physicians to diagnose my afflictions? only provides legitimate prescriptions. The drugstore never consults with patients to make diagnoses for particular ailments. Speak with a healthcare professional before making decisions regarding your health.

Is the quality of your items reliable?

The short answer is yes! The major goal is to toward customer satisfaction. Without your business, our drugstore would not survive. Trust us to supply you with the best-discounted prescriptions on the market.

Do Viagra, Levitra, and others cure procreative dysfunction permanently, or is it only temporary?

ED meds are not a permanent solution for dysfunctions. They are also not a recommended treatment for impotence, infertility, or sexual interest. These pills simply help a man obtain and keep his erection by increasing hemoglobin flow.

For long-term improvements, try focusing on your overall health. Doctors will recommend that you quit smoking or drinking alcohol, lose weight, focus on your relationship, go to counseling, get the right tests, and dozens of other ways to improve yourself.

Is it safe to input my credit card info on your website? is a secure space to put your payment information. The site encrypts your data and never saves or stores anything without your permission. All of our charges are transparent, including shipping, items, and taxes.

Are my personal and/or health details kept private?

Yes, the company does everything in its power to gift our clients with discretion and privacy. Security is our main priority, and nothing ever gets leaked without your permission. Third parties never come in contact with your sensitive data.

Does your packaging make it obvious about I ordered?

No. Once again, takes your privacy seriously, and discretion is a priority. Packages are shipped in plain boxes to conceal the contents inside. The outside will only contain basic shipping info that is not revealing.

Are there solutions for women with genitive issues and dryness?

Yes. ED medications have the same effect on women as they do on men. There is also a special version for females known as Lovegra. Its active ingredient sildenafil citrate increases blood circulation to the genitals and lets a woman get fully turned on before intercourse.

Does Lovegra use hormones, particularly testosterone, to work?

No. It simply helps blood course to the vaginal area effortlessly. Dilating arteries and veins have nothing to do with our body’s hormonal balances. There are no hormones in Lovegra, Viagra, or other common ED meds.

Am I limited in how many pills I can purchase in a single sitting?

There is no limit on purchases. However, abusing or overusing products is not recommended. Take your dosages as prescribed, and do not overdo them. The lowest dose of each medication lessens your chances of gloomy side effects.

What payment methods does your site accept?

Currently, accepted payments include credit cards to fulfill your order. All common forms of payment, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are acceptable. PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, and other apps are not accepted.

What if I need to cancel my order for any reason?

If your order needs to be canceled, be sure to do so before arrival. Once the package delivers, there is not much that to do on our end because returns are not acceptable. Because of our fast shipping policies, the pharmacy routinely ship packages within a day or two. To ensure a timely cancellation, try to cancel within 24/48 hours of ordering.

My package did not get through customs, and now they want me to pay. What do I do?

Apologies for the inconvenience. If you receive a letter from customs, send a reply to request to ignore it, and refuse to have it delivered. They will return the package to us. Contact our customer service, and redistribute another parcel at zero cost to you.

How do I place an order with your e-pharmacy?

Browse your desired products, and click them into your shopping cart. Once you finish shopping, visit the shopping cart. It will instruct you on how to input your CC info, picking a preferred shipping method, inputting your mailing address, and completing your order.

What can I do if your store does not carry my preferred dosage?

That depends on the amount that you prefer. If you typically take 20 milligrams and we only carry 40mg doses, try splitting the tablet in half. The same goes for splicing it into fourths for 1/4th of the dose.

With some careful measurements, you should always have the right amount available to you. That being said, our pharmaceutical inventory always tries to carry common doses to avoid situations like this.

Be sure to look into generic versions with the same active ingredients to see if they carry the correct milligram. The official recommendation is to take a smaller amount first before opting for the larger bit. This keeps adverse side effects at bay and lets you measure the correct mg with fewer complications.