How to Buy

If you are a first-timer, ordering online seems a little daunting. The pharmacy's team is here to solve your questions at every stage in your process. Read along to learn how to buy our goods without leaving your couch.

How to Get Started

Adding things to your digital shopping cart is easy, and there is no requirement for a login for you to benefit from our service. Simply pick the medications that you want to be delivered, and click the option to get started. Once you are ready, enter your credit card info, your address, and your preferred method of shipment.

What information is collected to send packages?

  • First and Last Names
  • Mailing Address
  • City
  • State or Province
  • Country
  • Zip Code
  • Optional: P.O. Box
  • Cellphone Number

Complete your order, and check your email for confirmation. The hardest part is done, and now your items are on the way!

Special Note: Upon acceptance, expect automatic access credentials to your email. Use it within our network freely for any future commissions with our site.

Medicine Amount Limits

Presently, there are no medicine amount limits with our online pharmacy. Nevertheless, customers should not abuse the number of tabs that they buy. We do not advocate exceeding maximum dosages or illegally distributing medicine. Never overuse products, as misuse results in serious injury.

Requesting Cancelations accepts canceled orders before shipment. Be sure to do so within a timely and concise manner. Contact our customer service team within 24 to 48 hours for cancellation. Shipped items cannot be postponed, cancelled, or returned once delivery completes.

Payment Methods

Currently, our dispensary only accepts major payments: Visa, Mastercard, and AE.


Can you explain the inexpensive prices for your generic tablets versus the brand names?

Of course. Generic alts harbor the same key ingredients as brands. The contrast is that you are not paying for the expensive title, just the additives themselves. Generics are no different and have the same effect on your body.

The major difference is that off-brand creators spend less money marketing their products. The original manufacturer did all the hard work of researching and developing the drugs, and generics simply manufacture the same drugs after them.

The pharmacy assures its customers that there is no difference in quality, quantity, or effectiveness. Enjoy the reasonable prices 

Is my sensitive data at risk when I obtain services online?

No. Our website dedicates a sizeable portion of its time to your safety. It never shares your information, and everything that you input into our system is kept encrypted. Our customer service team will never ask you to share your password or location.

Do I need an ID to procure anything in your store?

No ID is needed to order from us.

Do I need to consult with a professional from your website? only deals with the pharmaceutical side of the business. Our online pharmacy does not employ physicians to consult with you about your well-being. Please match with your local doctor if you have any concerns.

What different prescriptions does your drugstore offer?

Alongside providing aid for ED, the pharmacy distributes a wide variation of other meds for varying conditions. That includes anything from anti-depressants to pain relievers, fertility boosters, and antibiotics. Look at our inventory to learn more.

Do I need to sign my signature for my package before it delivers?

Because our online pharmacy recruits the services of multiple companies, you may or may not have to sign for your package. It depends on your location and the type of preferred mail that you choose.

What if I am not available to accept my delivery?

Depending on the mailing company, get into contact with them via their phone numbers or emails.