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Why do men choose Levitra? 

The penis is an elastic and excitable organ that responds to excitation with rapid enlargement. Upon sexual arousal, the corpus cavernosum (a sponge-like muscle of the penis) becomes engorged with blood and erects the penis. 

Levitra tablet is one of many from a family of drugs that remedy poor male sexual activity caused by an impediment or resistance to blood flow. 

Its chemically active compound, vardenafil, dilates blood channels and relaxes the penis to accommodate a large volume of blood. It has also received positive market reviews due to its short onset and long duration of activity.

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Both the trade-name and its generic form (Vardenafil) are not easily obtainable from conventional drug stores owing to its classification as 'prescription-only medicament' in the US. This makes it hard to procure when urgently needed, or when the person wants to acquire the tablets anonymously.

However, thanks to reputable web-based pharmacies, various dosages are available for sale online with or without a doctor's prescription.

The 20mg dose is indicated for men that fail to acquire and/or sustain an adequate penile erection to allow for firm thrust and penetration. It is especially recommended for use when a lesser dosage proves inefficacious. Older persons aged 60 years or more should consider smaller dosing quantities to curtail the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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What is the price for Levitra 20mg in an online pharmacy?

The price for 20mg varies depending on whether you are buying the branded or generic tablet. The generic form is cheap, although both regimens have equivalent dose-dependent potency. The drug store where you make a purchase is also a factor, and online dispensaries tend to be cheaper.

Most 20mg packs contain 4, 8, 16, and even up to 32 tablets. You can get pricing list per tablet, but note that the more you order the lesser the cost. You can get a considerable discount from web stores that offer discount coupons and rebates.

Find out the method of administration and duration of action of Levitra

How to take it?

Levitra is manufactured in two forms. One is a coated tablet that can be gulped down with water and a moderate amount of alcohol. Grapefruit affects the bioavailability of Levitra and hence shouldn't be consumed together.

The other option is a dispersible pill that quickly melts when you place it in your mouth. This choice is not as widely known compared to the coated tablets.

How to use it?

Because of its rapid commencement of effects, Levitra is taken a few minutes or an hour (typically 25-60 minutes) before initiating sex.

How long does the effect lasts?

Once the activity of Levitra begins, blood continues to percolate the corpus cavernosum and the penis is firmly erect and sustained for up to five hours. Beyond 4-5 hours, tissue deterioration may occur.

What are the possible side effects of Levitra?

Consumers of Levitra have shown remarkable tolerance for its medicinal activity. Mild to moderate side effects were reported in only about 40% of cases.

Side effects most commonly seen include the following:

The following unpleasant outcomes are seldom reported:

  • Painful and prolonged erection of more than 4 hours, a condition known as priapism
  • Ringing sensation in one or both ears that could lead to hearing loss
  • Sun allergy is characterized by redness and inflammation of the skin.