The cost of Levitra online: what are the prices for 10 and 20mg dosages?

Variety of Available Dosages of Levitra 

Vardenafil is the active ingredient of Levitra. Its sufficiency is directly proportional to the amount consumed. The disparity in genetic make-up, age, and etiology of erectile dysfunction influence its performance level. 

Individuals reported 68%, 76%, and 80% penile rigidity and intercourse success with 10, and 20mg doses of the formulation. Although, adverse reactions are more likely with higher dosage.

The half-life of a drug is the duration it takes your body to eliminate half of the biochemically active substance of the drug from the bloodstream. Levitra has a half-life averaging 4-5 hours, after which its hemodynamic effects subside.

Neither the active substances nor the excipients of Levitra require specialized packaging or storage. Under normal conditions, it has a shelf-life of 3 years.

How much does Levitra cost- compare and find the best prices

Levitra cost varies depending on manufacturer and dose. Although it is expensive and rarely covered by insurance, online pharmacies offer discount coupons that save you money.

How much is Levitra tablet?

Find below a comprehensive price comparison per dose.

Levitra Dose (milligram)

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The preferable starting dose of Levitra - 10mg tablets 

Successful usage contingent upon the dose taken. Film-coated tablets of 10 and 20 milligrams are available, but the predominantly used strength for initial treatment is 10mg. This is for the fact that the 10mg dose possesses reasonable potency and tolerability. 

Approximately an hour before a sexual encounter, the 10mg pill is taken to optimize and retain a firm erection. The dose is only adjusted when 10mg does not produce the desired outcome after at least 5-8 trials. 

Higher doses (20mg) are contraindicated in patients with moderate liver disease and hypotension, but 10mg strength can be employed except when noticeable changes occur. 

Only transient, mild, or moderate negative effects are reported by people using the 10mg strength. The most commonly reported case is headache, which recedes within a short period. Other adverse reactions associated with different doses are rarely encountered with 10mg. 

20mg dose of Levitra- the most suitable strength 

In situations where a 10mg dose fails to give a satisfactory result, a stronger alternative may be introduced. The 20mg Levitra has more effectiveness than 10mg strengths. 

Levitra 20mg is the highest advisable dose to be consumed once a day. This is because high doses are linked to unpleasant side effects and may worsen pre-existing conditions such as back pain, arrhythmias, and vascular diseases

In geriatric patients and people with hepatic impairment, the 20mg dose is discouraged because such conditions limit the body's ability to adequately metabolize and excrete Levitra. 

In diabetic, hypertensive, and hyperlipidemic patients, a 20mg dose can be used to tackle the lack of blood inflow to the erectile tissue of the penis. 

How long does it last in your system? After taking a full dose, how long do the effects of the formulation last? Approximately, it lasts 4-5 hours in the body. Its efficaciousness endures even after ejaculation.  

Are other doses of Levitra available? 

Pharmaceutical companies have so far only released 10mg, and 20mg of Levitra. 

The 10mg is generally preferred for an initial attempt to treat erectile dysfunction. The majority of men reported successful intercourse and few side effects after trying the 10mg tablets. 

Aging and medical conditions that compromise the metabolic capability of the body demand a weaker variant. To get 5mg, you can cut 10mg in two equal halves. 

The maximum approved dose is 20mg, this is to reduce the likelihood of developing detrimental consequences affiliated with larger doses. Clinical experiments showed 80% success in treating feeble erection with a 20mg regimen. 

Research aimed at determining reactivity to extreme doses provided evidence that 40mg taken twice daily causes mild hypotension and severe backache. 

Even at higher dose 60mg, Levitra did not produce consequential changes on the heart, as indicated by an electrocardiogram (ECG).